2 years after its founding, ARIR becomes the most relevant capital market community


The Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR), the only professional association for best practices in investor relations in Romania, marks two years of activity.

Daniela Șerban, ARIR President & Co-founder:
”Today we have 26 extremely valuable members, which shows the magnitude of our activities. We have succeeded to innovate and we have adapted to the market needs and we added a new strategic direction through which we aim to support analysts and companies that are interested in listing on the Stock Exchanges or in issuing bonds.
By launching VEKTOR indicator, the companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange made huge efforts to strengthen their communication with the investors and their corporate governance. This month we start the second evaluation of the communication of listed companies with investors and we will continue to be the same active community that believes in the capital market, as an important driver of Romania’s economic development.”

Oskar Yasar, Managing Partner, Broome Yasar Partnership:
“There are extraordinary perspectives regarding the future of professionals in IR and ARIR is the platform that ensures this development in Romania. The past 10 years have seen momentous transformation in the positioning, perception and credibility of professionals in investor relations and these transformations will continue. Investor relations are changing and this brings new opportunities. Until recently, it was very rare for an investor relations head to have a seat on a corporate executive committees, but today many advanced into management positions, even making the ultimate move to CEO positions.”

Ana-Maria Imbrea, Vice President ARIR, Director of Investor and Corporate Relations Department, ALRO:
“We started this journey together with ARIR as a Founding Member, we continued as an active member of the Association and today we are glad to celebrate ARIR’s second anniversary!
There were two years with a lot of projects, many fruitful discussions, a great number of successful events, which brought a significant high value to the capital market, members of the investing community and, of course, to the listed companies. Through all these actions, ARIR has managed to bring on the national stage the Investor Relations profession and professionals and positioning thus the Romanian capital market in line with the other developed markets. In only two years, ARIR succeeded in becoming a VOICE on the Romanian market for numerous topics, encouraging us all to continue doing a great job in this area for the benefit of the entire market and its participants”.

Ioan Șumandea, Vice President ARIR, Expert Legal Advisor for Corporate Governance, Banca Transilvania:
”I believed in this project and I have always looked at ARIR as a true partner of the Romanian capital market. The association have consolidated the specialists in investor relations and it has assumed its role as a promoter for multiple projects that led to the development and best practices in IR and corporate governance. Especially in the new context, it is essential to have a regulatory environment that supports the listed companies and offer flexibility so that their reporting efforts do not increase, but provide added value for investors, and ARIR has been constantly involved and will continue to get involved.”

Alexandra Țițan, Member of the Board of Directors ARIR, Head of IR, Electrica:
”ARIR has proved this year a lot of enthusiasm in continuing the initiated projects, as well as starting new projects that aim to implement best practices in corporate governance and to improve the communication and transparency of the listed companies in the relation with analysts and investors.
Each year, the association has a more visible impact on the actual and potential issuers and supports the development of the Romanian capital market. On behalf of the Electrica team, Affiliate Member, I congratulate ARIR for all the steps taken so far and I am convinced that it will continue to help strengthen investor confidence in the Romanian stock market.”

Tony Romani, Member of the Board of Directors ARIR, State Secretary at Prime Minister’s Office:
”Although only two years have passed since its founding, ARIR has managed to become the most representative organization for the Romanian capital market. Not only the number of members, but especially its reputation reflects the fact that ARIR and implicitly the attention paid to investors is on an upward trend and this represents a major gain for Romania, for local investors and for the sustainable development of the local capital market.”

Valentina Dinu, Member of the Board of Directors ARIR, Head of Communication and Investor Relations Department, Nuclearelectrica:
”The establishment of ARIR was intended to be an integrated, professional platform for developing relations with investors, implicitly improving the perception of the Romanian capital market in general and issuers in particular, so this is why SNN is one of the Founding members.
In 2 years of sustained activity, ARIR has developed both through its activities, but also by engaging new members, solid companies that see the investor relations field as an effective strategy of attracting new investors. The importance and visibility of an issuer lies in the way in which it manages to offer relevant information to its investors. From best international practices and benchmarking to the constant, active involvement in recognizing and making investor relations more efficient, ARIR has proven in these two years to be a connector and a converter of investor relations performance in Romania.”

ARIR was founded at the initiative of Daniela Șerban on November 13, 2018 by listed companies, companies with listing potential, fund managers and investor relations (IR) professionals. The founding members of ARIR are: Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), ALRO, Electromagnetica, Franklin Templeton Management – Bucharest office, Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica, Teraplast, Transelectrica, Daniela Șerban, Cosmin Răduță and Tony Romani. Electrica, OMV Petrom, Antibiotice, Purcari, Idea Bank, BRK Financial Group, Banca Transilvania, Transgaz, Biofarm and MedLife joined the community as Associate Members. INNOVA Project Consulting, ENVISIA, RTPR, Intercapital Invest and eVote became Affiliate Members.


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