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About ARIR

Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR)

Specialized communication is the basis of our existence. On the one hand, we know that what we do must meet the information expectations of investors as well as the capital market objectives of the Association’s members. On the other hand, there is a paramount interest in capital market development through education, training and advocacy.
We are the promoter of the Investor Relations (IR) concept in Romania and we believe that by following standards of transparency, corporate governance and proactivity in communicating with investors, our members will benefit from added value, attract funding more easily, have the reputation and trust necessary for the continued development of their business.
ARIR was founded in 2018 by listed companies, prospective listings, fund managers and IR professionals. ARIR’s founding members are: the Bucharest Stock Exchange, ALRO, Franklin Templeton Management – Suc. Bucharest, Electromagnetica, Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica, TeraPlast, Transelectrica, Daniela Șerban, Cosmin Răduță and Tony Romani. The community has tripled in the first 3 years since its creation, attracting almost 40 members in 2022, most of them listed companies. Listed companies or companies with plans to list are at the centre of our concerns, but at the same time we communicate with institutional and individual investors, we offer them a useful tool in their activity – the VEKTOR indicator, which evaluates the communication of companies with investors, published on the website of the Bucharest Stock Exchange and ARIR. We form an ecosystem that – together with the voices of officials, business and academic representatives, NGOs and other organizations – contributes to shaping informed public opinion on issues affecting listed companies, bond issuers and investors. We aim to become a point of contact for the supply and demand of human resources in the field of Investor Relations in Romania. according to strategic directions

Strategic directions


Strengthening links with investor and analyst communities


Improvement of companies’ presentation


Promoting companies that implement best practices


Monitoring the legislative framework and supporting members’ opinions

Build Capital Markets

Grow a professional community for listed and to-be listed companies.