The Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR) sets its own agenda of legislative priorities to contribute to the development of the capital market


Reduce by half the duration of the capital increase operations and of other corporate operations for the listed companies is a desideratum of ARIR’s community;


Reflect the role of the capital market as a financier of the economy in the government programs, strategies and policies, attract new issuers to the Bucharest Stock Exchange from the SMEs with the potential to develop and scale the business, attract new individual investors through financial education;


Reduce the bureaucracy for shares and bonds issuers, as well as streamline inter-institutional dialogue to unify the reporting platforms and avoid duplication of the financial and non-financial reporting;

In order to create a uniform and effective mechanism for institutionalized dialogue with the relevant authorities of the capital market and to be the only professional voice of issuers in relation to the authorities, ARIR sets up an internal working group on legislation, public policy and advocacy, composed of representatives of issuers, jurists and lawyers, public policy and advocacy specialists, legislative monitoring and communication specialists. The first members that joined the group are:

Adrian Tănase

CEO Bucharest Stock Exchange

Marian Năstase 

Chairman ALRO

Marius Ștefan

CEO & Founder Autonom

Ioana Olănescu
Chief Governance Officer, Banca Transilvania
Claudiu Cercel

Deputy CEO, BRD Gr. Societe Generale

Constantin Sebeșanu
CEO IMPACT Developer & Contractor
Eugen Comendant
COO Purcari
Huang Liang Neng
CEO Romcarbon
Alexandru Stânean
CEO TeraPlast
Daniela Șerban

ARIR President

Narcisa Oprea

Lawyer, Schoenherr Partner

Mircea Mitruțiu

advocacy and public policy consultant

Nicolae Kovacs

CEO Agista