The Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR), on the occasion of its 5th anniversary of promoting excellence in Investor Relations, is launching the first collection of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in the Romanian capital market.

The Anniversary NFT project represents the opening of the community of the largest companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange to innovation through the use of blockchain technology, known for its security and decentralization.

Main partner of the project

WebitLabs is a company that provides blockchain development services with the aim of integrating technology into the existing structures of modern enterprises. They enhance and extend the functionalities of companies, providing added value that ensures a competitive advantage. The company is committed to adapting blockchain technology to meet the specific requirements of each industry. Whether it’s complex platforms or integrated systems, WebitLabs’ mission is to position blockchain technology as an additional level of business benefits, propelling them toward a digitized future.

ARIR 2023

Time capsule NFT

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Created By Ovidiu – Valeriu Bojor

Ovidiu is an artist and designer whose artistic endeavors extend beyond the traditional platforms of the art world. With an interdisciplinary approach, his art brings together the past, present and future.

After graduating from the University of Art and Design in Cluj in 2018, Ovidiu began to appear on the international art scene with a series of exhibitions in galleries and insitutions in Europe, Asia and the US. Over the years, he collaborated with various artists/projects from the music, fashion, digital and visual art and he brought his vision to the contemporary art scene. 

The ARIR 2023 Time Capsule NFT is a symbolic project that gathers the thoughts of ARIR members regarding the community’s activity and its future. It consists of a series of messages inscribed in the blockchain, which will remain unchanged over the years and will be used as a reference for the organization’s activities. These messages will be opened in 2028, on the 10th anniversary of ARIR.

ARIR members who participated in the project

NFTs issued

Investors Raffle

By participating in the raffle, you have a chance to acquire one of the NFTs created by ARIR and its partners. The winner will be selected using Random.org in the order of registration receipt. We invite you to complete the form below.

Participation is open from November 13th to November 20th, 2023.

The raffle will take place on November 21st at 09:00 and will be broadcast live through ARIR’s social media channels.

Winners will receive the NFT in their digital wallet and will take part in a special moment during GALA BY ARIR on November 23rd. Investors will have the opportunity to engage with the company’s management during the event and will also receive free access to the next 3 GALA BY ARIR events. If a person is selected for one company and is subsequently chosen for another, they will not receive the NFT. The drawing order among companies will be alphabetical. Two individuals will be drawn for each company. In the event that the first person does not have the correct information, does not wish to accept the prize, or cannot be contacted within 24 hours, we will reach out to the second person.

Virtual Art Gallery NFT

The ARIR Virtual Art Gallery NFT is a project by ARIR in partnership with 8 partner companies, providing the opportunity for individuals involved in the Romanian capital market to own a virtual artwork representing a publicly listed company. Each piece will capture the values and characteristics of the company, translated into the digital realm.

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NFT ARIR Bucharest Stock Exchange 2023

Created By Upcrafty

The Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) is building competitive capital markets in the Central-Eastern Europe. We are providing financing opportunities for companies looking to raise funds on the Romanian capital market. BVB has witnessed an increasing flow of capital in the recent past, coming from retail and institutional investors, both national and international. The Romanian capital market has embarked on an ambitious development journey and the future growth perspectives are optimistic.

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NFT ARIR Antibiotice 2023

Created By Jump

Antibiotice Iași, one of the first companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (April 1997) and an associate member of ARIR since 2019, is a strategic company for the national healthcare system, being the most significant Romanian producer of generic medicines.

Antibiotice boasts a comprehensive portfolio consisting of over 160 human medicines, of which one-third are considered essential medicines by the WHO (World Health Organization). They also produce veterinary medicines, active substances such as Nystatin, for which they are a global leader and an international reference standard, as well as biocidal products.

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Created By Șerban Dumitru

AQUILA operates in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, with an integrated business model, with activity in the following business segments: distribution, logistics, and transport. AQUILA sells consumer goods in over 72,000 points of sale across all FMCG retail channels, covering over 90% of the market. The integrated product portfolio totals over 10,000 products, well-known brands from different categories.

NFT ARIR BRK Financial Group 2023

Created By Andrei Olariu/emptysoulprime

BRK Financial Group provides brokerage services for clients, market-making services, and liquidity provisioning for issuers, as well as margin lending services for investors. Within the realm of investment activities, BRK is the sole issuer of structured products in Romania, and their investments, directed toward both listed financial instruments and technology startups, drive the company’s development. BRK Financial Group is a Founding Member of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, a Founding Member of the Central Counterparty, and a shareholder in the Investor Compensation Fund. Additionally, they are the first regional retail broker to list structured products backed by the Dow Jones Industrial Average index on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

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NFT ARIR Electromagnetica 2023

Created By Emilia Dumitrescu / Kali

Electromagnetica is recognized as a manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting solutions, electric car charging stations, electricity distribution and measurement equipment and is oriented towards green energy production and technologies aimed at increasing energy efficiency.

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NFT ARIR Farmaceutica Remedia 2023

Created By Nicu P

The mission of Farmaceutica REMEDIA is to promote and launch innovative pharmaceutical business concepts, provide quality healthcare services tailored to the needs of clients, and adhere to international standards of ethics and professionalism. The company prioritizes the distribution of pharmaceutical products and related services such as logistics, marketing, and medical promotion. Farmaceutica REMEDIA is constantly concerned with creating sustainable “win-win” competitive advantages and continuously adapts to the demands and expectations of business partners.

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NFT ARIR Impact Developer & Contractor 2023

Created By Ciprian Paraschiv – Dots N’Bits

With 30 years of experience in the market, IMPACT DEVELOPER & CONTRACTOR is the first real estate developer after the communist period, a company founded in 1991 with 100% Romanian capital. In 1996, the company was listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, becoming the first representative of the real estate development and construction sector to be present on the stock exchange.

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NFT ARIR Rompetrol 2023

Created By Alexandru Gheorghe (archaag)

Rompetrol is the main brand of KMG International, a group owned by KazMunayGas, the national oil and gas company of Kazakhstan.

With 6,000 employees, KMG International Group is a significant player in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea region, operating in 11 key markets.

The Rompetrol brand is representative of refining and petrochemical operations, distribution activities in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Georgia, as well as upstream well services. We have achieved this success through international development and the expertise gained in the past four decades in the oil industry.

Număr NFT emise

Ovidiu Bojor, originally from Romania and now based in Barcelona, is a visual artist and designer whose artistic pursuits go beyond conventional boundaries. Employing an interdisciplinary approach, his art merges elements from the past, present, and future. Following his graduation from the University of Art and Design in Cluj in 2018, Bojor made a mark on the international art scene. He showcased his work in exhibitions across Europe, Asia, and the US and engaged in numerous projects in pop culture, fashion, and the footwear industry.

The Upcrafty brand, with only 8 months on the market, was founded by entrepreneur Andrei David and artist Szilagyi Valentina. It focuses on two main areas of activity: design and web development, as well as illustrations and animations under the Upcrafty Visual Arts brand, which is under the guidance of artist Szilagyi Valentina. Valentina, a graduate of the Faculty of Visual Arts in Oradea, has about 3 years of experience in the field of digital drawing. Through their combined efforts, Valentina and Andrei have managed to establish significant collaborations for Upcrafty Visual Arts with projects on the Solana and Elrond blockchains, such as Smiths, Meegos, Cowcow, Smoofs, Sentries, and many more.

An entrepreneurial team of digital growth experts at the forefront of digital marketing innovation. We see ourselves as partners with the people we work with, and we bring our considerable resources to bear to help our clients WIN.

With a degree in Set Design and Artistic Events from the National University of Art in Bucharest and a solid 8-year career in the advertising industry, Serban Dumitru stands out as a passionate artist and a dedicated designer, ready to transform any concept into a captivating visual reality.

With experience as a designer in a prestigious advertising agency, Serban has contributed to the success of some of the biggest international brands. His work is characterized by distinctive creativity and a strategic approach to creating memorable visual identities. He stands out for his artistic versatility, tackling diverse projects with remarkable adaptability. From brand design and advertising to product design projects, each work reflects both his professionalism and ability to embrace new challenges.

My name is Olariu Andrei, and I am from Oradea.

I’ve been passionate about drawing, illustrations, and animations for as long as I can remember, using them as a means of recreation and creativity. I have participated in various local, county, and national competitions throughout school.

I entered the world of NFTs and WEB3 right from the beginning, hoping for a fresh start in the realm of creativity.

Emilia Dumitrescu is the artist behind the story of Kali or Kali Story.

Her journey in this direction began in childhood, but the transformation into the digital world took place two years ago. Currently, she creates both 2D and 3D creations, A.I. animations, and augmented reality.

Inspired by Indian culture, especially the goddess Kali, she has created a first digital collection – Chapter 1 ‘Taking off Maya veil,’ representing 10 puzzle-like stories with a subtle meaning anchored in contemporary reality.

All of her creations bring a fresh approach to digital art, encouraging relaxation and the removal of background noise created by the excessive information we all come into contact with. Some of her proud achievements include ‘Unexpected Surprise,’ a work exhibited in Kuwait, WAGMI – the first NFT exhibition in their country (2022), the work ‘In&Out’ exhibited in New York at NFT.NYC (April 2023), the work ‘Orbific’ included in DIVIDE Magazine issue no. 7, and, of course, being chosen as the artist of the week at Metaventis.

Nicu P is a generative artist based in Bucharest, Romania. His canvas is not confined by tradition; it’s a playground for experimentation with various mediums like p5.js and DIY Arduino controllers.
Cellular Automata and Turing Patterns are his companions on a journey that explores the profound questions of human nature, society, and the fluidity of time.

Designers, front-end developers, and creative minds unite at Dots N’ Bits, where passion meets expertise in UX and UI design, and motion graphics animate our solutions. Our studio thrives on problem-solving, relentless in the pursuit of refinement, and dedicated to eliminating waste. With our minimalist approach, we craft experiences that resonate through vivid simplicity and intuitive functionality. Engage with us, and let’s sculpt digital environments that are not just visually striking but also a joy to navigate.

My name is Adrian Alexandru Gheorghe, and I have been active since 2012 under the name archaag in various creative environments.

I am an architect, graduating from UAUIM Bucharest in 2016, with over 8 years of experience in architecture and design on national-scale projects. I have been involved in drawing and graphics since my adolescence, followed by sculpture and architectural design. For over two years now, I have been creating digital art, which I have been promoting through NFT collections on the Loopring network.

Recently, I have recognized the immense potential of virtual architecture, and I have transitioned from working within specialized companies to full-time freelancing in the metaverse. I have a team of architects, designers, and CGI artists who present the world with a new perspective—clear lines, full of spirit, centered on human experience in the environment. In the past year, I have created digital 3D assets for games and multifunctional virtual spaces. One of the significant achievements was the presence at Romanian Design Week 2023 with the first virtual exhibition pavilion, archaag archipelago, which won one of the two awards from the organizers in a workshop dedicated to entrepreneurs in creative industries.