IR certification

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IR certification

Internationally recognized IR certificate

The Romanian Stock Exchange Investor Relations Association (ARIR) in partnership with the IR Society offers professional courses and an internationally recognized qualification for Investor Relations (IR) professionals. The courses will guide IR professionals to the best international professional and ethical standards in the industry to successfully lead and manage investor relations. Sign up NOW for an internationally recognized certificate in IR, taking the exam in Bucharest!

About CIR

CIR (Certificate in Investor Relations) is an internationally recognized qualification for investor relations professionals. It is a comprehensive test of competence in the field of IR, providing the necessary tools for career development in this profession. Competence is assessed through an exam comprising 60 multiple-choice questions, based on the topics provided in the course syllabus. Candidates who have achieved this qualification will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of the financial and market environment, the regulatory and reporting requirements for listed companies and also demonstrate their good understanding of the principles of investor relations, which will enable them to act competently and safely.

The Romanian Investor Relations Association has the exclusive right to promote CIR in Romania on behalf of IR Society. ARIR is responsible for managing registrations and organizing exams in Bucharest.

Benefits as a result of obtaining CIR

• Provides international recognition as a qualified IR professional

• Demonstrates competence and expertise

• Improves career development

• Benchmark for those already in the profession and an essential prerequisite for those looking to work in investor relations

Facts and figures

More than 1,500 candidates from more than 26 countries have obtained the certificate!

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Frequently asked questions about the CIR

1. Who should apply for CIR?

It is suitable for anyone working in investor relations or related professions or considering a move into investor relations.

2. About the course and program

Individual study (study guide to be received after registration) and an examination comprising 60 multiple-choice questions based on syllabus topics.
The exam lasts 1 hour and is in English. On average, 40 hours of individual study are recommended to complete the CIR. A passing score corresponds to a minimum acceptable level of 65%.

The topics covered in the course cover Principles in Investor Relations, Financial Markets, Companies and Regulation, Regulatory Environment, Principles of Accounting Valuation and Investments, Effective Investor Relations – in practice, ensuring a broad understanding of the key elements of this field and financial markets, as well as capturing the essentials of best practice in international markets.

3. Costs and Registration

The registration fee covers the study guide, login details for exam simulations and sitting the CIR exam. For registration and cost details, contact us at