4 listed companies reconfirm their plans for this year


The Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR) has started the plan that completes the communication of listed companies with investors and analysts. The main conclusions of the first online event with the management of four listed companies – Electrica, Antibiotice, TeraPlast and Purcari – confirm that their activity is carried out in parameters similar to the previous period, with the mention that specific additional measures have been implemented in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The entire event is available at the following link

Corina Popescu, CEO Electrica:

We implemented step by step measures and took the necessary actions for the safety of our employees and the continuity of our services. We are the ones that need to make sure that the population will have electricity during this period. We are in constant discussions with the Government in order to find best solutions for our economy, we believe that paying the invoices as much as possible is very important for the system to keep its operation. We are in favor of responsibility and rational decisions. We have resilience plans for each company in the Group. We have been in the sector for 120 years, we know what we are doing.

Alexandru Stânean, CEO TeraPlast:

The construction sector is continuing now the activity, the demand is in line with the budgeted forecasts we gave, which are higher than last year. Obviously, we depend on the decisions of the Government, in the context of the emergency situation. We also think what will come next after the sanitary crisis – from our point of view, the solution is clear: public investments. Let’s focus on injecting money into the economy as it is better to pay people to come to work after the crisis, than paying unemployment allowances. Since the beginning of February, we implemented measures to reduce the risks for our employees, partners and third parties through social distancing as we are an operational company and we have more than 1000 people working in factories.

Eugen Comendant, COO Purcari:

Purcari, as other winemakers from Moldova, has an interesting history full of crises. Our priority is the safety of our employees. We accelerated the production and export, with no transportation problemes to nearby countries, and our products are available in our markets. We are present in online and we further work to expand in this area. We are sorry the price has dropped as we all understand that it is a systemic effect. We want to let our investors know that we are here, we will communicate as much as possible and we have a stable position.

Paula Coman, CFO Antibiotice:

We are at the heart of the problem, organized and confident in order to avoid any risks of contamination. We are one of the strategic companies and we do not plan to slow down but we ready to adapt. We implement even more higher controls for the employees working in our factory. We will ensure drug delivery to the health system and we are in permanent contact with our partners for Romania and abroad. Our message for the investors is that we do our job with great respect and dedication. We have been here for 65 years and we wish to be present many more years.

Daniela Șerban, ARIR President & Co-Founder:

”Even more in times of crisis, we encourage the proactive communication of companies with investors, and at this moment the use of online channels preponderantly. Thus, we stay close to our members to support them and facilitate this dialogue. We consider that the shareholders, the investors and the press need up-to-date, clear and complete information about companies’ activity. At the same time, we are in permanent dialogue with the relevant authorities to support the listed companies from the perspective of clarifying the regulations in the new context.”

Wishing to give investors more clarity on the measures taken by listed companies and how are affected by the state of emergency, ARIR proposes a dedicated page on its website, gathering in one place information and news from listed companies regarding the measures implemented and the impact of COVID-19 on the business.


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