Romania needs to educate and increase the number of entrepreneurs – How we support the development of the Romanian economy by facilitating access to financing for companies –


The Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR) in partnership with USH Pro Business organized the online event ”Attracting capital through the stock market and the road to success”. The main conclusions of the experts from the market were that the volatility brought new investors on the Stock Exchange, but in order to increase the number of investors, it is essential to support as many companies as possible to develop and become attractive. It is vital for companies to diversify their financing sources and to establish a clear strategy to allow them to achieve their goals. We need to educate and grow the number of entrepreneurs in order to develop the whole ecosystem.

Adrian Tănase, CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange:
”It is highly important to have a dialogue with the companies and familiarize them with the mechanisms of the capital market, so that entrepreneurs can fully understand its advantages. We saw more and more small and medium enterprises accessing the capital market and I hope that this trend will continue. The priority of the Bucharest Stock Exchange is the development of the local community of investors in order to have a larger participation of the Romanian population in the capital market.”

Daniela Secară, CEO, BT Capital Partners:
”The year 2020 was different and special. The volatility from the market, which brought new investors, helped us a lot, in spite of the decline moments. I noticed also an interest from retail investors who joined the capital market in a higher number. We expect the volatility in the market to continue in 2021. For companies, it is important to take a first step to understand the capital market opportunities.”

Mihaela Stoica, CEO, Intercapital Invest:

”The solution of financing through the capital market has to be the effect of a question we ask ourselves when we establish the financing strategy for the company. A growing business is always looking for capital, which may be attracted either from its own sources, through bank credit or through the capital market. The financing structure of a company directly influences its economic and financial performance and the diversification of the financing sorces becomes mandatory when the company tries to develop further.”

Matei Dumitrescu, Vicepresident TechAngels & Partner RocaX:
”The dream of many of the start-ups is to be listed on the stock exchange. It is the glorious end of a business strategy that they start with us, the mentors, the business angels, and a very good ”exit” that we pursue, as everyone in the investment world. Before we get there, we have to start with education, to create business accelerators, but also to educate future entrepreneurs since school.
The start-ups need someone to stand by them, a mentor, who can help them get through the crisis, validate their strategy and assist them in obtaining funding. The route of a start-up must follow several rounds of investments and, at each stage, the start-up has to take one more step to prove that it can deliver according to the strategy assumed. The Romanian market has very good perspectives because we have start-ups founded by well-prepared minds and a high potential in IT.”

Daniela Șerban, ARIR President & Co-Founder:
”We support the capital market development and we believe that the expansion of the listed companies’ community is essential for achieving this goal. Companies need to diversify their financing sources and the opportunities offered by the capital market are great. There are high potential companies in Romania, entrepreneurial companies that can become global if they have access to financing sources. They will be the engine that can support the economic recovery.”

Dr. Costin Lianu, CEO, USH Pro Business:
”We are preoccupied with the way in which Romanian companies are financing themselves and through this event we wanted to bring the capital market closer, together with its advantages and opportunities for the entrepreneurs. We noticed a reluctance of SMEs in accessing funds from the capital market and in accepting the risks and rigors that it imposes. For breaking this wall we need better communication. We are concerned about how small and medium enterprises can be financed, and at the same time about the digitalization of Romanian companies. We are witnessing a worrying phenomenon of decreasing the number of SMEs in Romania and there is a need for communication, discussions, involvement and public policies to increase the number of entrepreneurs.”


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