The capital market needs as many listed companies as possible and the prospects are very good – It is essential to expand the local community of investors –


The Romanian Investor Relations Association (ARIR) in partnership with USH Pro Business organized the online event ”Attracting capital through the stock market and the road to success”. The representatives of the Stock Exchange and of the companies present on the capital market are confident in terms of the perspectives and, although the volatility was high, the year 2020 brought many opportunities. In order to develop the market, it is essential to expand the local investors community and to bring as many companies as possible on the Stock Exchange.

Adrian Tănase, CEO Bucharest Stock Exchange:

”It is very important to have a dialogue with the companies and familiarize them with the mechanisms of the capital market, so that entrepreneurs can fully understand its advantages. We saw more and more small and medium enterprises accessing the capital market and I hope that this trend will continue. The priority of the Bucharest Stock Exchange is the development of the local community of investors in order to have a larger participation of the Romanian population in the capital market.”

Alexandru Stânean, CEO TeraPlast:

”This year was exceptional for TeraPlast. We started with the inclusion in the Bucharest Stock Exchange main index and we were among the three companies included in FTSE Russell Index, while the return brought to investors was 96%. We enjoyed record liquidity, supported by operational performance, which gave investors confidence in the stock market. The fact that we have been present on the capital market for over 12 years makes us confident in the Romanian capital market. We would like to see more companies from the construction materials field listed as the stock exchange needs as many issuers as possible and the prospects are very good.”

Giacomo Billi, CEO Alive Capital:
”Alive Capital’s plans are investing in existing renewable energy production units and developing others. This strategy was defined to strengthen our position in the market. In order to financially support the objectives, we never accessed financing or credit lines, but we chose to issue bonds as a form of financing, to develop and capitalize the company and to support our ambitious business plan. We consider that it is the most efficient form for us and we can even talk about the concept of “green bonds” for the first time in Romania. Today, Romania needs 100% investments in the renewable energy field, an area that is growing throughout Europe, where there are already very active investors.”

Daniela Șerban, ARIR President & Co-Founder:
”One of ARIR’s objectives is to support the capital market development and the expansion of the listed companies community and events like this come to support our goal. The capital market is the place where the money surpluss meets the money demand and we are talking about the billions from the bank deposits of Romanians, from the accounts of investment funds, pension funds or about foreign investors who are looking for new investment opportunities. The opportunities that the capital market offers to companies looking for new financing sources are great and those who have overcome this period of crisis can benefit from them. They will be the ones who can support the recovering of the capital market and the economy in general.”


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