Building on the VEKTOR methodology for the Regulated Market, from 2022 onwards, ARIR proposes the VEKTOR AeRO methodology to assess the investor communication of companies in the AeRO market.

The methodology is intended of companies in the BET AeRO according to the latest index structure available at the time of the evaluation.

The VEKTOR AeRO methodology comprises 11 criteria and incorporates the feedback received from issuers attending the roundtable on 31 January 2022.

The scope of the assessment methodology, being a project managed by the Romanian Investor Relations Association, focuses on promoting proactive investor relations practices, without assessing compliance with regulatory obligations. The evaluation will only include information from public sources.

VEKTOR AeRO market results

VEKTOR AeRO methodology



The proposed methodology was launched for public consultation in January 2022.


Companies listed on the AeRO market have 6 months during 2022 to comply with the new methodology.


The first valuation will be carried out by ARIR between 1-20 December 2022 for companies in the BET AeRO, according to the latest index structure available at the time of valuation.


The methodology will be reviewed annually in and evaluation will be done annually in December or at any time at the request of the issuer.


The final score, ranging from 0 (poor communication) to 10 (excellent communication), will be published on each company's page on the website and aggregated on the ARIR website by the end of January 2023 at the latest.


The proposed methodology aims at an assessment based on objective and clear criteria, including provisions on: investor relations office, corporate governance, transparency, proactive approach to investor relations, interactive IR tools.


ARIR will assist companies throughout the process by organising thematic webinars by capital market specialists to help implement best practices.


Evaluation process calendar

1 February - 30 November

Compliance of listed companies with the criteria & organisation of webinars/discussions by ARIR;

04 December 2023 - 15 January 2024

ARIR's assessment of companies;

January 2024

Publication VEKTOR results for companies in the AeRO market.

For details or clarifications on the VEKTOR AeRO methodology, please contact us at or