Transparency, communication and social responsibility of companies are topics that ARIR promotes


Bucharest, July 5, 2019Daniela Șerban, President ARIR (The Romanian Investor Relations Association) talked in a radio show at Radio România Actualități about the role of the companies in the society, companies – investors relationship and investors’ expectations from the Romanian companies.

Daniela mentioned that ARIR’s objectives are not just to support and implement the highest standards of communication in investor relations and corporate governance, but also in social responsibility, focused on sustainability. In this respect, the new methodology of elaborating the Whitebook contains a novelty, namely the non-financial reporting, which will also analyse the impact of the evaluated companies on the environment. There are talks about financial goals, profit, but it is not all about money when we talk about a large, listed company – then you have an extra responsibility. In this rating realised through the White Paper project, it is also required the non-financial reporting as it is important to think about the impact you have on the environment.

It is necessary not only to have a minimum set of rules, but also more proactivity and transparency and this is also showed in the Perception Study realised by ARIR among institutional investors.
The new members that we managed to attract are a further evidence that there is desire for a higher standard of communication and also of social responsibility. In developed markets this is the tendency, and we have to rally at it, concluded Daniela Şerban.


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